Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello, all! Some of you may be surprised to see a post from this blog popping up in your reader—we've been dormant a long time. This blog was a collaborative effort by a group of busy moms, and over time we got too busy to keep it chugging along.

I have left these archives in place, though, in case they're of use to new bloggers. And while we've retired this site, there is another website—not affiliated with the women who used to blog here—that offers tips and support for bloggers. I encourage you to visit

Happy blogging!

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Kevin Burke said...

Melissa, Thank you for this post! is a magazine of mothers active in social media.

We write stories, and also collect and re-publish excerpts of stories by moms, so that people are able to see the breath and depth of issues that are being written about by mothers.