Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Adding strikethrough, bullet points, etc with HTML

I would love to gather ideas on how to make a blog post look more professional. I'm looking for the hand codes for things like strikethrough, bullets, different types of bullets etc.

What you're looking for are some HTML tags. You can add them in the "Edit HTML" window of your post. The WebMonkey cheat sheet is a good resource for this kind of thing.

Note: In the following examples, use pointy brackets instead of parentheses—if I put the pointy guys in here, the HTML converts to live code.

The tags for strikethrough are: (strike)word(/strike)

(hr) makes a gray horizontal line, nice for separating sections (it does not need a closing tag.

(h1)your text here (/h1) will make a

large headline

(h2)your text here(/h2) is a

little smaller

and so on down to

(h6)smallest headline (/h6) for the
smallest headlines
For bullet points, I just use option-asterisk (works on my Mac, at least). Hold the option key and the asterisk key down at the same time. PC users, chime in if you know the keyboard shortcut!

This site
shows some other neat bullet options I didn't know about:

(type="square") makes square bullets

And there are open circles plus several different types of bullets for outlines. Nifty!

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Elizabeth said...

Love this - thanks! I needed the strikethough option, googled it and there you were. I think I will follow now because you were just that great. Thanks again ;)