Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Finding Copyright Free Photos for your Blog

Be sure to give proper credit and check out the details on each photo just to be sure...

Flickr - you can do an "advanced search" here for photos under "Creative Commons License". If you find something you like, you can use it for a background or header on your blog, provided you give credit where credit is due. (read the details of the license for the particular photo, as some don't want any modifications made). Stock exchange has lots of cool photos waiting to be used (as well as some that you have to pay for).

A couple of samples (I'll share blogger coding for backgrounds in a later post):

Here's an example of a portion of a photo used as a background. Appropriate place to give attribution would be in the sidebar - generally at the bottom (as shown in the example).

For this blog, I decided I wanted a Roman motif repeated in the background. I followed the flickr instructions above searching for things like "Roman", "Roman wall", etc. before finding something that I liked. (I think the end product might not be authentically Roman, but it works anyway). I did have to get special permission to modify the photo (I was using only a small portion of the photo). The photographer was actually quite pleased to give permission - it was a quick e-mail answered the same day.

Please share any of your favorite copyright free photo or clip-art sites.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I don't do flickr--I do Picasa. Would i need to open a picasa "web album" and post my pics there if i want to use them?

Love2Learn Mom said...

No. You can use other people's pictures from flickr (the ones that are specified "Creative Commons License" - and, of course, with proper attribution) without being a flickr member at all.

Now, since you have to "host" the picture somewhere, Picasa might work for that. Not sure as I've never used it.

no said...

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