Friday, May 18, 2007

Posting Audio and Video To Your Blog

Marianne asks:
I wrote a song and had it recorded a few years ago. It is an mp3 file. [snip] How do I do audio on blogspot?

The first thing you need is hosting for your mp3 file. You can find some by googling "mp3 hosting". Some hosting sites are Wiki Upload, Imeem, GabCast, and Garage Band. You simply sign up for an account, upload your audio, and you will be given the html code to insert into your post/site.
There are lots of options for videos as well, such as YouTube, Google Video, or PhotoBucket. The uploading-sharing process is similar to audio.

Two useful things to know:
  • Many of the mp3 and video hosting sites allow content that is not suitable for kids. Be aware that if people click on the hosting link on your audio/video content, they will be taken to the hosting site, where other people's videos are displayed.

  • If you want more privacy for your videos, choose a site that will allow you to keep them private and viewable only by the people you choose. One good example is Multiply, which is helpful especially if you want one place for all your stuff: music, video, photos, blog, reviews.

Both audio and video can be shared successfully on any blog, not just Blogspot/Blogger. Typepad makes it easy to insert content -- they have their own uploading tool; the tutorial can be found here. Wordpress users, click here for Lorelle's post on Video, Music, Podcasts, Audio, and Multimedia WordPress Plugins.
Image-, audio- and video-hosting services are popping up (and disappearing) all the time, so if I hear of any other noteworthy additions, I'll edit this post. Or, if you know of any that you'd like to share, please let us know!

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Hamza said...

Is it possible that instead of some link there can be a nice little bar in the post; and it plays music then and there without going to some other site.

Secondly if i have to insert the code in my post, where should i add it?

Thank you.